• WAXING Services

We help you achieve smooth, hair free skin.

Underarms $20.00

A personal favourite, underarms! This is a quick and gratifying service for everyone! No more razor or five o'clock shadow. Finer, thinner, and sparser regrowth awaits! Advisable to wear a tank top. As with all services, you will be prepped for the application of wax with a cleaning solution, and all residual wax removed with post-wax aftercare. 

You'll be so glad you tried this treatment of ours! A great introduction to waxing.

Half Arms $28.00

Just above the elbow and down to the fingers.

Full Legs $50.00

Top of thigh to the toes; does not include bikini which can be added on for an additional $15.

Half Legs $30.00

Just above the knee to the toes - full lower leg.

Bikini $30.00

An inch on either side of the underwear line.

Full Back $42.00

Back wax, removing unsightly hair.

Chest Including stomach $48.00

Brazilian $65.00

Anything and everything beyond the bikini. Includes back strip.

Extended Bikini $40.00

Two inches off the outer bikini edges and one inch off the inner edges and top.