Dream In Colour

At Precision Beauty, we’re all about creating the precise look you want. One-on-one consultations, impeccable eye-for-detail, and top quality products are how we make it happen. Choose from any of our meticulous stylists and bring your dreams to life.

Colour Menu

1 hour

Colour & Gloss

$ = Stylist Time + Product

2 hours

Solid Colour

Root Touchup

$ = Stylist Time + Product

3 hours

Partial Highlight

Root Melt & Partial Highlight

Partial Lowlight & Highlight

$ = Stylist Time + Product

3.5 hours

Lowlights & Highlights

$ = Stylist Time + Product

4 hours

Full Highlight

Root Melt & Full Highlight

$ = Stylist Time + Product

5 Hours +


Colour Correction

Platinum Card

*Consultation Required Prior*

$ = Stylist Time + Product

Not Sure What You Need?

Come in for a complimentary one-on-one consultation to design your perfect hair plan.


At PBC our goal is for you to have your most relaxing and enjoyable experience. In order to create that, we forgo any surprise costs at the salon by letting you choose your price upfront.

Choose how long you want to spend in the chair (or book a free consultation if you’re unsure how long it would take to achieve your goals), choose the level of stylist you’d like to work with, and we’ll do the rest, with no extra surprises at the till.

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