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The most advanced hair repair, anti-aging + smoothing formula worldwide. Repairing the damaged & broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including Caviar Oil, Amino Acids, Natural Proteins & Argan Oil. 

Results last from 6-8 months.

Guaranteed to moisturize, nourish, repair & revive hair right from the very first use, resulting in incredible shine & softness while eliminating frizz.

This treatment is progressive & accumulative as the quality of the hair becomes healthier, improving after each application.

MK HAIR B.T.X treatment is Formaldehyde + Harsh Chemical free creating a completely safe environment for your customers and staff. The treatment doesn’t produce any bad fumes and smells unlike ordinary keratin treatments, making the application comfortable and completely safe.


  • Restores the damaged cortex, filling in breakage
  • Hair becomes fuller and thicker
  • Smooths hair and creates natural shine
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Stimulates new hair growth
  • Brings your hair back to life!

... or try

MK’s Majestic Express Hair Repair Treatment is done in only an hour!
Results Lasting Up To 6 Weeks!

MK BONTX Majestic Hair Treatment

It’s the essence to beautiful hair… A breakthrough hair treatment developed with high performing ingredients such as Rice Protein to increase your hair’s natural shine, and form moisture binding properties. This treatment includes our patent hair filler BON-T-L PEPTIDE and Amino Acids for the ultimate protection and repair of hair fibers. In addition to restoring even the most damaged hair texture, BONTX will straighten and smooth the hair to create manageability by maintaining moisture and elasticity. BONTX uses Lactic Acid to help hair by preventing environmental damage and protecting the hair/scalp.


  • Restores the damaged cortex and fills all gaps
  • Improve Color Fading
  • Hair becomes fuller
  • Smooths and straightens hair
  • Creates natural shine
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties

MK Biotin Therapy

MK BIOTIN THERAPY treatment is the first natural liquid Biotin (B7) formula that is infused directly into the hair shaft.  This innovative formula is also combines natural proteins, amino acids and collagen to remove frizz, reduce volume, straighten, and smooth while deeply restoring even resistant hair textures. It is a new magnificent formula for healthy natural looking and strong hair. 


  • Eliminates frizz and reduces volume
  • Restructures and repairs damaged hair
  • Strengthens hair and reduces hair loss
  • Creates natural shine and softness
  • Made for medium/coarse/resistant hair textures

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