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CRLab Anti-Dandruff Strong Action Kit

Preshampoo + Shampoo + Vial

The ANTI-DANDRUFF REHYDRATING STRONG ACTION KIT combats persistent dry dandruff and scalp flaking. It has great soothing properties and works powerfully to ease redness, skin soreness and itching.
A 3-STEP action: Preshampoo, Shampoo and Vial
Duration: 1 month
The PRESHAMPOO and SHAMPOO clean and prepare the skin. The STRONG ACTION KIT action is down to the VIALS which, thanks to the strong antimicrobial properties from the active ingredients combat the proliferation of the pathogen Malassezia Furfur, the cause of dandruff. Juniper, Bitter Orange and Rosewood essential oils have soothing and anti-dryness properties. Hydrolyzed collagen complements these actions, reconstituting damaged connective tissue and providing increased hydration. Extracts of Rhododendron stem cells have a strong regenerative quality. The precious stone it contains is Diamond – a symbol of purity and regeneration – which helps to purify the scalp with its ‘peeling’ action.


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