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CRLab Sebum Regulating Strong Action Kit

Preshampoo + Shampoo + Vial
The SEBUM REGULATING STRONG ACTION KIT deeply purifies the scalp and frees it from an excess of sebum. Counteracts oily dandruff. Excess sebum, which can be caused by hormones, stress or an unhealthy diet, has a negative impact on the quality of our hair, making it appear heavy, dull, thin and brittle. The scalp, free of sebaceous build-up, can once again become a lush ground for strong, healthy and beautiful hair.
A 3-STEP action: Preshampoo, Shampoo and Vial
Duration: 1 month
PRESHAMPOO and SHAMPOO clean and prepare the skin. The STRONG ACTION KIT action is due to the VIALS, which contain essential oils with great astringent qualities and highly nourishing plant extracts. Essential oils include Jojoba and Avocado extract, which regulate sebaceous production. Azelaic Acid combines powerful antimicrobial activity with an astringent effect. Extracts of Edelweiss stem cells have a strong rebalancing capacity on sebaceous secretion. The precious stone chosen for the line is Sapphire – a symbol of regeneration, that invigorates the metabolism of the hair by providing essential microelements for growth.


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